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Okay, I am back.

I am not yet settled and it bugs me. And I have way too much stuff to cram in every nook and cranny and I don't like it. I feel exactly what I am, too big for this little space. I'm an adult trying to fit back into my younger world.

I'm happy, but I'm changed. A bunch of people have already noticed it. I apologize in advance if I offend anybody or seem distant. I will try not to be. But I'm forewarning you. Andrea and I were talking about it. Apparently it's an actual condition with some funny name I forget. Basically, what it comes down to is this: I have gone through all these crazy, life changing experiences with all new people. I have grown up a lot and my point of view has changed on a lot of things. And the problem is, I won't be able to really explain any of it. I have so many stories, inside jokes, a different life really that I have gotten used to, and it's hard for me to come back to everything before.

So please bear with me. I will dress a little differently, probably even act and talk differently. I don't mean to seem distant or superior or anything and I don't mean to come off that way. But just a heads up. It's gonna be different and take me awhile.

Other than that, got my hair cut, fixed my computer, started printing pictures, need to wrap Christmas pictures, and I'm catching up on my Gilmore and One Tree.

Okay, well Mom is home. Time for dinner and more shows before cleaning.

This is officially my last transmission from this username (well, for now anyway. Hopefully I will need to use it again).

kisses from kensington

I'm here

That's all. I'm here. It was a long yesterday. It's proving to be a long and tiresome day with the parents today. But I'm safe and here.

That's all.
kisses from kensington

It's today

This is it. I have said goodbye to all my friends and places that I've come to love. I am leaving today. Leaving them all behind, but hopefully I won't leave behind the person I've become. Tomorrow, as I walk from Terminal to Terminal, walking alone to go catch my flight to Springfield, that's it. The page will turn and the chapter will be done.

Tomorrow I will start writing the next, but for now, I'm going to finish packing, put some pictures of facebook, and cry a little as the last moments of this chapter pass me by...
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Last day

Yesterday was good. CHilled, studied for my exam, took it. They weren't the greatest 3 essays I've ever written but not bad. Came back with the intent of going out salsa-ing. Lisa never got back to us. SO we have a girls Tesco run and movie night and it was lots of fun.

Today I'm up way too early for how late I went to bed. I'm gonna go shower and stuff, then walk around the neighborhood and get pics of all my everyday stuff. Then I'm gonna come back and have lunch. Then Allica and I are going to use up her London Passes and do a Thames river cruise, go to the arcade, something else, I forget, and then today is the Frost Fair on South Bank so we're gonna do that.

The Frost Fair commemorates back during Elizabeth time (if anyone has read Orlando, it was in there) when the Thames froze over and they had games and a market and such on the ice. So now they decorate the Globe all Renaissancey, they have hundreds of food and drink vendors, and hundreds of different stalls with games, crafts, etc. They also have Husky sledding, but apparently that's only for little kids.

Then I imagine it'll be back at a decent hour to finish packing and whatnot and hang out with each other for awhile.

OKay, well that's all for right now. Have tons more to say, but seeing as I'll be back in the US tomorrow, I'll save it.

P.S. I just realized that day after tomorrow, I get real food. Sunday morning, first thing, I am getting a bacon pony from ritz's. This makes me a very happy panda.
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This has nothing to do with my post, but why did live journal change?

I am on the verge of tears. Happy tears. Well, sad too. Bittersweet. I have had such a brilliant night. So much fun. It was insane. American defeats England again. The girls beat the boys. I got kissed lots by Lucy, caressed all over by James, and turned over Chris' knee and spanked by Heather. I just, I don't know. I can't physically wrap my brain around the fact that I'm going home and not coming back. They told me they want me to come back for spring break. That won't happen. But I'm welcome at their flat any time and if nothing else, they want me to come back in the summer. And they're going to look me up if they make it to the midwest.

I can't believe it. As Heather said tonight, we are closing a chapter in our lives...well, at least it was a very good chapter.
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Good day

So, I slept in late, then got up at 11 and fooled around on the computer. I showered and whatnot and talked to the 'rents on the phone. Then I had a long lunch with the girls. We discussed the dramatic events of last night, which apparently there was more going on (more on that later). Then we went to the Sciene Museum. I had originally planned on going to the V & A (Victoria and Albert Museum), but the girls were going to the Science Museum and said it was pretty cool, so I decided to go. And it was. The best was the Who Am I section that talks about heredity and all kinds of other crazy shit. I got my picture taken and aged and also changed into a man. I'm an ugly man. Pics on facebook later. I took a quiz to see if I have a male or female brain-I'm completely split. I talked into a machine that recorded my voice, which is unique, transmitted it into a code, then turned that code into a picture pattern, then I had to guess which wass my voice. It was hard, but kinda cool. Then I went to the V & A when the girls went to the Natural History Museum because I had already been. Then I went to Harrod's. Ah, the Mecca of capitalism. I love it-so pretty. Took pictures, got some free choc. and bought myself my butterscotches.

Now I'm back. I'm gonna clean my room a bit, put some pics on facebook, have dinner, then go to James' flat. Tonight is out final game night. It's a huge affair. I have to perform my Shakespeare monolgoue for them. I'm really excited. And Bruce is going to be there tonight, which is exciting, because he looks and acts like Jim Carrey. It's pretty amazing. Then tomorrow night it's some studyding, maybe meeting Allica for lunch, and my final tomorrow Crazy. Where the hell has the time gone? I'm getting really sentimental today. The weather is amazing. Breezy, but the kinda that doesn't actually sink into your skin, just feels good and tosses your hair around. I love it. I'm walking around taking pics of everything. I can't believe I'm leaving. Some of you may not like this, but Murray was saying there is a special visa you can get that if you;ve studied here for any amount of time, even a semester, you can come back and work and live for awhile. That's pretty cool, knowing I have the option.

Anyway, okay. That's all for now unless you want to here about the fight last night. Kinda intense. PS. Hope everyone is enjoying their break and made it home safely.

------------------------------------Last night's violent drama-------------------------------------------

(Christel, I hope you read this. Be forewarned for next semester)-

Last night, we had girls movie night in the common room. We rented some ones we'd seen. 8 Mile and Take the Lead. Well, everything was fine, we had the whole room to ourselves, minding our or business and enjoying the movie. There is this asshole named Brock. He, like most of the degree students, HATE study abroads. He's also a cokehead, amongst others. He was talking really loud, so we turned the tv up. He kept talking loud. It's so rude when you see ppl trying to watch something. So Allica turns around and says will you please be keep it down, we're trying to watch a movie. This ass goes from 0-70 in 2 seconds, yelling he'll shut the fuck up when he's goddamn ready and that she should shut the fuck up bitch, etc. They get into it bad. Now, Allica is from Detroit. At home, she doesn't go anywhere without her blade. She's nice until you piss her off and then you better watch yourself because she doesnt take nothing from nobody. It was heated, but he finally left.

We finish it, no problems after that and put the next one in. He comes back with like 4 guys. He immediately starts making fun of the movie and saying shit about us and walks up all cocky and shuts the tv up. Allica and him get into it and he threatens her. Sarah Gonzalex who is from Philly gets up and goes up to him and tells him off. The best line of last night was she said something, I odn't remember, and used his name. He asked how she knew his name and she replied because I know you;re an asshole. You probably had to be there, but it was priceless. Anyway, he's threatening 5 girls. He's getting bad. Some of our former guy friends were watching, laughing, and not saying a word that he's trying to attack us. Finally, one of the other guys comes in, pulls him back, and kicks him out. Bad enough.

THEN, I live right above the entrance. Everyone always hangs outside of my room and acts stupid. I got back up about 1 :30ish. He's out there with some people being loud and annoying. The girls all go to return movies and he threatens em again and starts trying to follow. The security guard sees and goes out and says something. He starts threatening the security guard. He says he'll piss in his face. He's having a bad, violent trip, you can tell. It gets really loud. All of a sudden, I hear him spit and the security guard goes inside. I hear somethign thrown, then everyone runs in the building. There is a shitload of noise and I hear people screaming, running out of the building, dragging him out, and hear someone yell "OMG you cut him!" I was lookin out and afraid he was gonna see me. It was bad.

Come to find out today he got into it with two of his friends, one of whom is my guy friend, the one Karisa commented on his picture. Apparently he threatened a girl he was getting high with earlier and apparently attacked Rob too. He is one crazy ass motherfucker, and I hope his ass is ini jail right now. And come to find out, he's always outside of Adrienne's room and tries to touch her all the time on the way to the shower.

I will be sad to be going home, but I will be so glad to get away from this shit. They HATE us here. They are usually not nice and very rude, but that is ridiculous.
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I seem to have developed narcolepsy...I cannot manage to stay awake. And it's not just little light naps, it's hard core deep sleep. This is rather inconvenient...oh well. Maybe I'll get lucky and keep it up for the plane ride.
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2 down, 1 to go.

Getting together with my London friends tomorrow night most likely. Dinner and final game night, and in return, James is demanding a monologue. Yuck. But I'm looking forward to one final night at their flat and with them, whom I've come to love so much.

Maybe going to Harrod's later and walk around and enjoy the atmosphere.

Need to start looking over stuff for History final. 3 essays to think of. 3 essays in 2 hours Thursday night-yuck.

Almost packed. Mostly everything but last minute stuff.

4 days. Must make them count.

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For some reason, I decided that it would be a good idea to listen to Vitamin C...why?

I played the Graduation Song not once, but twice because I can never just play it once. And of course, because I'm me, now I'm all emotional and sentimental...

Damn me and me need to listen to sappy friends songs.
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